I made her  in Milano in September 2014.  It was actually not a good morning for me (as far as i remember) so i needed a “tiramisu” – to cheer me up somehow. i made myself a coffee and created this sexy vital booby girl.  she was naked first, no hair..  i made her the high socks like those that i wear. then a shoe. then i took a picture to see if the shoe was ok and i saw that she had a torn sock.  of course i liked it. it gave her character.  she definitely had to be red.  and then i made this sort of very vintage underwear.. i have a big print of her in my home in milan.  it is goldy, very warm and pleasantly erotic. the red pubic hair is …. well you want to feel her scent))

it is 100×85 cm printed on barita and  mounted on dubond (can always be framed)

others are suggested to be smaller 70×50 cm


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  • IMG_7280
  • Фото3
  • Фото5
  • Фото1
  • 100x75cm
  • 11114067_10206265314369627_4186824031142730064_n