I love this story. Last summer i asked my fb female friends to share their photos with me

“My darlings!! – i wrote -  I’ve started to make a new story of 10 nude selfies. Will be a bomb)) Make me happy, contribute to the art))) send me your wonderful bodies. The photos. I want to get inspired by the beautiful women that i know. Confidentiality guaranteed!! Love you Tanya”

Well i started receiving beautiful photographs from girls (well most of the girls are more or less my age and I have my own theory on that).  most of the pics were made as selfies.. you know with iphones, whatapp etc we make and exchange photos hundred time a day. well i do. anyway. a selfie is the portrait of today. i decided i want to make a series that i would call “Selfies”


This one is Anya. one of the first pictures i recieved.  she had a special grace..  i made her on a plane coming back from NY closely observed by a family of orthodox jews.  They fly a lot via moscow.  the young woman was very curious asked me a lot of questions but could not define the gender of my creature.

its a photograph i am very proud of.

i print it on barita paper 60×45 cm



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