I love this story. Last summer i asked my fb female friends to share with me their photos.

“My darlings!! – i wrote - 
I’ve started to make a new story of 10 nude selfies. Will be a bomb))
Make me happy, contribute to the art))) send me your wonderfull bodies. The photos. I want to get inspired by the beautifull women that i know. Confidentiality guaranteed!!
Love you

I was recieving photos from the best women of this this city and not only. Once I went out to a restaurant opening. (i dont usualy show my nose out in moscow)  There was everybody. To my great surprise many knew of what i was doing and it seemed like most of women there had thought about sending me the pictures.  They asked each other – have you? have you? It seemed to be a tickelish nice divertisment of the season.

This is Nadya.

I created her in Milan and could not get a masterpiece out of her for a couple of months.  You know the most weird thing is that despite them being made of the same material same size.. each of them wants her own screenplay.  Some i even can’t photograph at all… maybe i should dress those? (thinking out loud)

I finally  made these pictures on the 30th of december  in the countryside near moscow.  It was – 30 C outside and the sky was very bright. The sunlight was very strong.

I printed her a couple of months later and after increasing the photo to the size 60×60 i saw all the dust, little hair, that turned out to be blood vessels. The prints of my fingers gave taxture to her skin.  It was amazing.  So much information i was not aware of…

I love this series

These are always printed on barita paper 60×60 cm, could be framed or mounted on dubon (and framed again) and can go together as 4 pieces.




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